• Canan Nonwovens Spunlace

    Our products are generally used in many different areas, especially wet and dry wipes, personal hygiene, diapers, cleaning, medical and industrial applications.

  • Canan Nonwovens

    It aims to start with an annual average fabric production capacity of 20.000 tons in 55.000 m² open and 20.000 m² closed area and to increase its capacity to much higher quantities in a short time.

  • Canan Nonwovens

    By using raw materials such as Cotton / FSC Viscose / Polyester / Tencel / Lyocell / Bamboo / PP, the purposed compositions can be produced in accordance with customer demands.

It is a privilege to work with us.

Factor 1

100% Hygiene

In different fabric patterns between 30 gsm and 70 gsm ...

Factor 2


It is preferred with its power to appeal to many application areas ...

Factor 3


It is in a durable form thanks to its production technique and special composition.

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Factor 4


It has many certificates and quality certificates at international level.

Quick, easy and effective solutions to problems,

Nonwovens are in every stage of modern life with their wide range of uses.

Today, nonwovens ease the life in many areas from hygienic disposable products to filters, from the construction sector to home and car decoration.

Total Quality

To meet the ever-changing needs and to exceed these demands.



We endeavour for new products and new designs through re-research and development.


Innovative Solutions

We increase our market share and competitive power by investing in technological innovations.


In Time Production

Doing better day by day we are improving our performance to achieve high quality.


Our Certificates