Canan Nonwovens Spunlace was established in Gaziantep in 2021 as the third biggest investment of Canan Tekstil to produce nonwoven fabrics. Having started its production life with the yarn sector in 1996, Canan Tekstil made its second biggest investment in the carpet sector in 2015.

Being one of the important actors in the textile industry and with its Nonwoven investment decision in 2020 Canan Tekstil is always ready to be solution partners with its customers in the national and international arena with its wide range of products, especially hygiene and industrial applications.

Who are we ?

Today, Canan Tekstil, exporting to more than 40 countries with nearly 1250 employees in total, has managed to enter the top 500 exporters in Turkey,as well. As Canan Nonwovens, our main principle is to entrust a sustainable and healthy world to future generations together with all our partners by keeping the satisfaction and professionalism that we offer to our employees and customers all the time at the highest level.

  • Export to more than 40 countries
  • 1250 Employees
  • In the first 500 in export in Turkey
  • Experience for Half a Century

Nonwovens Spunlace

Spunlace nonwoven fabrics are generally used in many different areas, especially in wet and dry wipes, personal hygiene, diapers, cleaning, medical and industrial applications. Canan Nonwovens aims to start with an annual average of 20,000 tons of fabric production capacity in 55,000 m2 open and 20,000 m2 closed area and increase its capacity to much higher amounts in a short time.

  • 55.000 m² open area
  • 20.000 m² closed a.
  • 20.000 tons of prod. capacity
  • Expert Staff


Total Quality

To meet the ever-changing needs and to exceed these demands.



We endeavour for new products and new designs through re-research and development.


Innovative Solutions

We increase our market share and competitive power by investing in technological innovations.


In Time Production

Doing better day by day we are improving our performance to achieve high quality.


Our Certificates